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Beltsiflex SRC 35

The SRC-35, also known as Impact Special Compound is a further Beltsiflex development based on using a special type of thermoplastic intended and designed for use on Belt Conveyors. 


Characteristics such as the cover abrasion level, tensile strength and elongation at break are increased to levels beyond those that can be achieved with any type of rubber.


These properties allow thinner belts to be used than a standard rubber equivalent whilst improving belt lifetime,. It also has other advantages such as simple mechanical constructions it also offers considerable energy saving potential.


The manufacturing of belts with SRC-35 (Impact Special Compound) is developed according to the application requirements. The belt carcass is usually a standard construction, or can follow the design of the Cushion Belt. The SRC-35 covers can be applied to just one cover or to both top and bottom covers. Belt dimensions are calculated and matched to the requirements of the service load, demands of the installation and client request.



1. Tensile Strength DIN53504 MPA 51
2. Elongation at break DIN53504 % 425
3. Hardeness ISO 868 Sh A 85
4. Density DIN 53505 g/cm3 1,2
5. Abrasion DIN53516 mm³ 30
6. Compression set 72h; 23ºC ISO 815 . % 25
7. Impact resilience ISO 4662 . % 42
8. Tear propagation resistence ISO 31-1 Kn/ m 70
9. Temperature range ºc -30+70